About my Yoga Classes

My yoga classes integrate movement with the breath as part of a creative vinyasa yoga flow.  We play with gravity and challenge both the mind and body.  The breath is the link between the mind and the body and my goal with every class is to help you develop proprioception, tune into your body, and access a sense of calm and balance.  You will leave feeling ready to face the day's challenges with grace and equanimity. 




12:00 PM, Thursdays @ Union Street Yoga | Worcester

12:00 PM, Mondays @ Harvard Chan School of Public Health | Boston


11:45 AM, Wednesdays @ The Center for Wellness & Health Promotion, Harvard University

Privates available upon request.

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Pop-up Yoga outdoors! 
Join in and bliss out!

Om Hop Yoga is a pop-up yoga concept inspired by my love of yoga, the outdoors, and a desire to explore a city's beautiful public spaces while connecting with others through the practice of yoga.  From classes in public parks and historic buildings to rooftops, we explore the public and private spaces in Worcester.  While hopping from one invitingly open space to another we engage in discovery of not only of ourselves through the practice of yoga, but of the incredible people, places, and spaces the Worcester area has to offer.  Om Hop Yoga was born in New York City, grew up in Boston/ Cambridge, and is creating roots in Worcester, MA.   Om Hop classes start in early summer.