Moonlight Motherhood: A Birth Story

On December 22, 2018, on a full moon in the motherly and feminine sign of Cancer, I humbly announced a new name for my work with you - Moonlight Motherhood.

The name feels dear to me for so many reasons.

It came to me one evening this Fall as I was nursing my son to sleep. That evening, moonlight shined through the windows like it had never before. It was cool, but comforting. Subtle, yet shining brightly. It was a waxing moon and approaching a full moon in the earthy sign of Taurus, my son's sun sign.

On that full moon….

I wrote in my journal that the full moon in Taurus asks us to let change happen and to allow for a breakthrough even if it involves a breakdown.

I wrote that this moon helps us to hear the voice of our intuition and soul, supporting us to come home to our heart.

I wrote that my heart carries unconditional love for my two guys (my big guy and little guy), but also unconditional love for myself, which hasn't been without a struggle.

My heart carries the deep concern I have for my own mental and physical well-being.

And it carries the passion I have for helping other women come back to a more heart-centered experience of life, especially as they begin their journey to motherhood.

I personally also follow the moon cycles and have always been curious how each phase of the moon affects my psyche. It helps me understand why I interact with my environment in a certain way or the decisions I make, and the forces outside of me that may influence me, just like the moon affects the tides.

I've been writing in my journal almost every new and full moon the last 6 months and already I am seeing patterns and intentions fulfilled. Launching Moonlight Motherhood on a Cancer full moon is one of these. It was a culmination of what I felt and the energy around the Cancer new moon partial eclipse in July.

It feels like magic, but when we slow down, tune in, and reflect, magic happens.

We're all searching for those things that light us up in life. My pregnancy, birthing my son, and motherhood journey have lit me up in ways I never expected. These stages and transitions that I went through the last couple of years have led me to wholeheartedly want to help other women elevate their journey to and in motherhood.

It feels like everything I've done and am continuing to do and experience - yoga, workplace well-being, corporate sustainability, Vipassana meditation, mindfulness, therapy, birth preparation training - have led me to offer something special for women entering and experiencing this unique and fleeting period in life.

Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood are really an opportunity to show up for yourself, and in turn your baby, family, and the world, in a way that is more gentle, loving, inquisitive, and authentic.

I have found that if we allow ourselves the space to connect with our growing bellies, to feel our body's power in labor and birth, and trust our intuition as mothers, we are able to feel a greater sense of peace, power, hope and balance from within.

Conception is an opportunity to slow down and look within. Our western world makes us feel and has us believe that pregnancy is a medical event. The medical care that we receive is important, but pregnancy is also an opportunity to observe and trust in the female body's wisdom.

Growing, birthing, and raising a human, is nothing short of a miracle and a privilege, if we choose the path and the path chooses us.

If you're coming on the journey this year, we'll go deep. We'll learn what it takes to have the healthiest, most fulfilling pregnancy, and how you can prepare for a truly empowering birth (should you find yourself getting pregnant - there's still time! - and giving birth in 2019) that will set you up for a gentle, kind, and loving first year of motherhood.

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