Karoline Barwinski

Ask yourself this question & see the magic unfold

Karoline Barwinski
Ask yourself this question & see the magic unfold

In the yoga studio in Worcester where I teach a noontime vinyasa class, there's a sign that says: "What do you need tonight?" It's referring to what the students need for the class in particular - blocks, blanket, a strap, etc. But at first glance, it could easily be a prompt for something deeper.

How often do we ask ourselves, "What do I need tonight?" or "What do I need in this moment?"

Likely, pretty rarely.

Most of us move through out days on autopilot. Wake up. Brush teeth. Maybe wake up early enough for a morning exercise. Gets kid(s) to school. Eat breakfast. Go to work. Pick up kid(s). Make dinner. Read bedtime story and try not to fall asleep before kid(s). Put kids to bed. Shower. Go to sleep. Or some variation of this routine even if you don't have kids.

We rarely get a chance to pause and reflect on our day, consider how we wish we responded differently to someone or how we could have averted getting stressed or angry if only we were more aware of how our thoughts were affecting our emotions. and in turn, our reactions.

We just don't ask ourselves what we need in the moment.

But what if we did?

What if we had a set of core values we lived fiercely by?

What if we posted them somewhere we look every day? (The bathroom mirror, on the fridge door, on the screen saver of your smartphone!). And reminded ourselves what's important and what we want to prioritize in our lives at any given moment.

I would think somehow, magically, we would make room in our busy lives to live by those values.

And for it, we would feel…



....more at peace

....more present

....more resilient

....more whole.

I created a little funsheet for you so you can write down those values, and tune into what you need at any given moment, so you can keep coming back to homeostasis, mentally, physically, spiritually.

It'll take 10 minutes of your time.

If you don't have 10 minutes, take 1 minute and ask yourself "What do I need tonight, to feel whole, happy and healthy?"

And share what it is with me below.... because there’s nothing like sharing with someone else to keep yourself accountable! ;)