Mother's Day wishes for you

I cried during savasana this morning.  

A year ago today I was in the hospital holding Rafael in my arms.  We had waited so long for him.  I wanted so badly to go into labor naturally, and doing everything under the sun - massage, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, letting go of the thought and simply enjoying time with my partner - to feel those first labor contractions, but they never came. 

While in the end I did have to be induced, I advocated for myself in the best of ways so that when the time came to check into the hospital and start the induction process (first Cervidil and then Pitocin) I was mentally, emotionally, and spiritually at peace with the decision and as rested as I could be.  And the fact that it was MY decision to make made all the difference. 

We brought Rafael home on Mother's Day.  

By then, the intensity of the labor was a mere memory.  I remember cradling Rafa in my arms that first Mother's Day and feeling more powerful, more connected to the all the goodness in the universe, than I ever had before.  I will share my full birth story one day, but what allowed me to feel safe, powerful, protected, connected, and spiritually aligned around the time of Rafael's birth and during his birth was fully trusting in my intuition, and advocating for myself and Rafael with the support of my community.  

So I cried in savasana today....

....because I had the freedom to ask to have this treasured and sacred time for myself, and my partner lovingly and willingly obliged

....because it was one of the handful of times I got take a savasana all year

....because it was the first time in a whole year when I felt like I had a chance to complete my entire Ashtanga practice

....because the practice of yoga opens my heart and allows me to FEEL

....because the intensity of it made me feel as powerful as I did birthing my son

....because the peaceful, restful, quiet savasana brought me back to these same feelings I felt the moments and days after Rafael's birth.  Everything went quiet. There was nothing else to do but be feel love and connection with this beautiful new soul as a family

....because I was reminded that my son was the embodied love I have with my partner  

My Mother's d=Day wishes for for all women, not just mothers, are... learn to lovingly advocate for ourselves build a community of support around us so you we nourish ourselves not just on Mother's Day and not just because we're mothers, but every day as magnificent, powerful, soulful, sentient, feminine human beings seek knowledge so we can be informed about the decisions WE want to make, so they are not made for us and we feel powerless and not in control of our destinies cultivate and trust our intuitions

All these things can help us embrace our power, fulfill our needs, and feel connected to other humans, our true essence and reasons for being alive. 

I feel this need more than ever as a mom, but more profoundly as a woman.  I hope you feel it too. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the gorgeous and soulful mamas and mamas-to-be!