The year of "Let's Do This!"

As my website launch date was approaching I was wracking my brain trying to think of that perfect first blog post.  It’s not exactly the very beginning of the year so it felt weird doing a New Years resolution post.  But, I asked myself: does it need to be the very start of a new year to implement changes or set goals?  Of course not. 

The beginning of a year may seem like the opportune time, and it is, but it’s not the only time.  If you’ve already given up on your New Years resolution (only 8% people actually achieve their resolutions at the end of the year), know that you can pick up right where you left off at any time of the year!  Is the other alternative waiting until next year to try it again only to potentially fail again

So make a resolution, or start on a new path, or change your attitude, or begin creating a habit, or start a new hobby TODAY.   You're the one running your life and the universe is supporting you throughout the year. 

In fact, today's Lunar Eclipse symbolizes change and a major reset in your life.  It’s a wonderful time to acknowledge and celebrate the culmination of who you were and create space for the new you.  Can you be still for a moment and notice any shifts within you or in your life?  Often the changes during eclipses come suddenly, sometimes the coming change will be revealed beforehand, but however this powerful astrologic event affects your life, know that it's an opportunity to pursue a new approach to life, health, work, or whatever else you’ve been dreaming about and putting off because you felt it’s already too late to start anew.  

If you are inspired to embrace the support of the Lunar Eclipse or simply believe that there's no time like the present to set goals toward a positive long-desired change and get on the path to achieve it, let me share with you a secret about how to get it to stick: make it a habit. 

Rather than simply setting a goal (I want to lose 15lbs) commit to a ritual that will help you get there (I will do yoga every morning and start my day with a wholesome hearty breakfast).  This way, after sometime, it becomes automatic and doesn’t take as much effort or willpower.  You won’t have to keep setting that goal because it will become a part of your life, creating the space for new resolutions, or rather habits! 

So how am I embracing my own advice? This year, I want to create. I want to share myself, my knowledge, my insights, my gifts, with whomever is seeking what I’m offering.  I want to be of service.  And I want to begin to be the fullest expression of myself.  I’m used to hiding, speaking softly, not pushing any buttons.  I’m ready to be both kind and daring, compassionate and constructively critical.  I want to write and continue to learn through research and writing.  This year is the year of ‘doing’.  No more putting off writing, or coaching, or teaching yoga, or whatever lights up my heart and gives me energy.

And how am I making this into a habit?  I’ve committed to blogging every two weeks, and to full-heartedly embrace whatever happens day to day as a deep soul lesson that helps me grow, evolve, and tap into my destiny in this lifetime.  And to have my camera within arm's reach everyday to document and share my life in the hopes of inspiring you to live more fully and wholesomely too!  

Ready.  Set. Do!  


What’s your resolution? Are you committing to a habit? What is it?  I’d love to hear.  Share in the comments!