Hello, I'm Karolina. 

I’m a GentleBirth childbirth instructor, prenatal yoga teacher, and nutrition and healthy lifestyle coach for women.

I apply a holistic array of evidence-based health and well-being practices and tools, and training in the areas of childbirth, yoga, eating psychology, and mind-body nutrition to support and nourish the physical, mental, and spiritual transformation women experience during pregnancy, birth, and early stages of motherhood.



My approach

I help ground you in your body’s wisdom.

I help you tune into your intuition.

I help you discover your innate intelligence that knows what to eat at any given moment or time in life.

I help you feel strong and resilient in the face of life’s challenges as presented in pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.

This, I help you discover and activate with latest evidence-based practices and tools from yoga, mindfulness, eating psychology and mind body nutrition, sports psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy.

Conception is a transition that leads us into the beautiful months of pregnancy
as our body goes through one of the most incredible transformations to grow and birth a baby.

Birth marks a transition into our motherhood journey, which lasts the rest of our lives.

We’re never the same. So how do you want to transform?

I am here to guide you through these transitions and these beautiful states of being and change in your life.

When you take deliberate steps, and do the work, you become the person you want to be, for you, for your child(ren), for your family, for the world.

My Story

Becoming pregnant changed my life. It forced me to pay greater attention to my body (physical health), mind (mental health) and intuition (spiritual health). I nourished my body with wholesome and healthy foods that worked for me, I moved physically, practicing ashtanga yoga, meditated, read about birth and parenting, took courses and classes, and practiced mindfulness. At the same time, what I know now as a parent, I wish I knew and delved into before my pregnancy, and especially during.

Society may prepare us to work and contribute to the economy, but it doesn’t prepare us to take care of ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually—especially as parents! This responsibility is ours to grasp and explore if we want to live the healthiest, happiest, most fulfilled expression of ourselves.

I was already 34 when I became pregnant for the first time. I knew who I was (or so I thought) and felt ready to birth and raise a human being.

What I quickly learned when my son was born was that feeling ready, and having a strong desire to become a parent, are vastly different than being truly equipped, and prepared for pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. So I sought out knowledge practices that grounded me in my intuition, increased my mental agility, and helped me develop not only a stronger body, but also a more compassionate relationship with my body that gave life to my son and a new perspective on life to me. They allowed me to more deeply embody the resilience, equanimity, and strength that I was seeking.

And now I share them with you, through birth classes, prenatal yoga, and 1:1 nutrition & lifestyle coaching.


I received childbirth education training through GentleBirth and teach in this method, my 200 yoga teacher training at West Hartford Yoga in Connecticut with Barbara Ruzansky, and my Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition training through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I’m in the process of completing my 85 hour prenatal yoga teacher training with Brigitte Arlé of Rooted Boston. I’ve also taken numerous meditation courses including Vipassana Meditation from the Vipassana Meditation Center, Ziva Meditation, and mindfulness meditation with Christine O’Shaughnessy of Mindful Presence.